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Dont choose a script just because it suits your needs!!

12 Feb

I’m blogging after a long time.
This post is not exactly about coding but I chose to write it here because its related to coding.
If u are a newbie to programming (here considering php) / a manager (like a site owner) who wants to get your work done and found a script or you may say a software or a framework which just suit your needs, then I’m talking about you and for you.
please check some point before you decide to use that script.

So, now you might be thinking what am I talking about and why?
Introducing myself, I am a freelance web – developer and web -deigner, and right now I am helpless and angry with the script my employer choose to use, on which I had to work!

So, what I am talking about is before you are so sure that the software or framework suits you well, just think about it once, just check if the code is well structured, well documented atleast have a good support forum.

Because, how good functionality your script might be having, it obviously needs some changes, additions, and change of design.
Which finally results in hiring a web – developer who can work on it!

Everything is fine until now, but when this developer sits on this code, unless he is very brilliant he gets irritated by the code if it is not well documented, not well written, not well framed just like me today! And finally resulting in frustation, and which result in lack of interest and wastage of time!

So, if you want a site with a unique or rare functionality, I’d say hire a developer who can do that from the core, if you dont find a good script (remember: well documented, well framed, well supported).

Thanks for reading